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Heart to Art: A Creativity Journey to Greater Well Being

Group of Ladies

An Art of Life Experience

It is an Artful Journey to spend a day with four women who are cancer patients. I call the day a retreat – indeed one of inspiration! We gather first in a mode of bonding as we share our stories. We all say a prayer to ask God for the grace to be mindful to His Blessings for this time together.

One woman could not stop sobbing – mainly out of need to share her fear as she was scheduled for major surgery two days later. No matter what everyone’s concerns were, they all agreed to support her for the day.

Another young patient took a stance in a corner of the couch and shared her courage of insisting that she keep her pregnancy when she found out about her cancer and delivered a healthy boy – but she was hesitant in this first sharing.

Another woman was a senior and in pain and another was full of energy to get started.

The Theme of this project was “The Colors of Life” and our group added the theme of “The Colors of Community.” The color palette was to be rich and colorful.

The four woman were to work on an individual canvas; however, the four pieces would hang together to present their message. For this theme of ‘community’ I developed a template of figures. They were to add one or more figures besides themselves to the image. They could create all the features to complete the figures.

Within the first hour of the project it was evident that each participant was in to, their intuition, imagination, and the inner strengths that each was bringing to their art piece.

The artwork is about LIFE and living in the moment. The breathe of beauty is in all of us and the shift from concerns about health to the positive hope that comes through creativity did move them forward.

The day is filled with a time of inspiration that the women take for themselves. usually during a delightful lunch – they write the poetry or meanings that develop the theme.

I asked the woman who had been sobbing at the beginning when she stopped worrying about her upcoming surgery. “I have not thought about it since we started our painting,” she answered.

The young patient hugged every person as she ended her experience with gratitude.

It is evident in the photo that the ‘hope’ in each personality is alive and well.

ArtBundance Coach and Practicioner

Life Coach Practicioner
Karlene Kay Ryan