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Artful Thinking

Karlene Kay Ryan

Karlene Kay RyanI am so grateful for my life and the people that I am blessed to know. I am so grateful that I get to look at this life through the eyes of artistic vision. I breathe in the beauty of the Divine Creator all around me. “He told me to live fully, be joyful always, to pray continually, to give thanks in all circumstances, for this is His will for me through Jesus Christ.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

I have always been involved in art and music and writing from an early age. This is what has made my artistic and creative self keep these pursuits a part of my everyday life. It is the heartbeat of my soul. As a youngster I was always drawing, designing with imagination for doll houses, paper dolls, with a love of make believe. I was in every choir through college years and maintained piano study and voice study as an adult.

I am a native of Fresno, California and received my education in this community from grammar school through the University undergraduate and graduate levels.

I am a mother of four and a grandmother of eight. My husband, Mayo, and I make our home in Fresno as well as in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.

I love my family and friends and like nothing more than the occasions to be with them. I’ve been fortunate to be inspired by so many family, friends, and mentors, that my desire is to share my gratitude to be the inspiration to others.

I have been a professional Interior Designer for many years, but I established myself as a studio artist, when I was introduced to painting as a pathway to healing after a family tragedy in 1986.

“Those first hours of painting were a rebirthing experience, not unlike singing forth my feelings,” explains Karlene. “From the pain, I found the beauty. And, from the beauty, I made a personal commitment to bring more beauty to the world.” My artistic endeavors are my prayers in gratitude and trust and hope.

I paint in the representational tradition of Alla Prima, which means “from life,” and I engage in a sensitive dance of brush and paint – color and light – to create beautiful works of art as still life; figurative, and landscape paintings. I enjoy the camaraderie of an art group as well as work shop study with master painters, and I am currently in a mentoring continuum of study with the acclaimed young artist Daniel J. Keys.

The healing spirit of my art was recently recognized by Holiday Guild for Children’s Hospital of Central California who commissioned an original oil painting, “For the Children.” in honor of the hospital’s 60th anniversary.

Drawing on a compassionate healing spirit, I just completed a Certification as a Life Coach and Practitioner using ARTassignments. I have also been instrumental in developing, under the auspices of an oncology physician, the “Art of Life” program. As an art director to support patients living through cancer I have created “Day retreats of creativity.” In my role as a creativity coach, I have the unique opportunity to inspire others through art, beauty, and the joy of creativity.

As an author, I can only share my strength and hope and wisdom in writings gleaned from my own life struggles, including To Find Hope and the soon-to-be-released This is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life. Most recently, I have taken my practice of journaling to a place of sharing and publication. I bring my insight and story-telling skills to the world of children’s literature, with the Genevieve Series. Through the adventures of Genevieve, a young girl who embodies delightful authenticity and resilience, I shine a light on treasured moments of childhood– moments of discovery, creativity, and true friendship.